Italy is a country on the European continent which is very famous for its buildings and cities that keep a fascinating history. Not only famous for its history, cities and buildings in Italy are known to have very iconic architecture. No wonder, if many foreign tourists who visit this one country. But before visiting Italy, it’s a good idea to make a list of destinations you want to visit.

This article will specifically review the histories of the most iconic tourist attractions in Italy, see the information below:

  1. Colosseum
    People say it’s incomplete if you don’t visit Italy without visiting the Colosseum. This football stadium-like place has a very unique architecture, which is in the form of an ellipse. Built by the founder of the Flavian dynasty in 72 to 80 AD, making this building the most phenomenal in Italy.
  2. Piazza Novona
    If you want to relax in the afternoon, Piazza Novona you should come. Similar to the square, this place has always been a favorite spot for tourists and local people to enjoy the sunset with views of buildings typical of Italian architecture. In this place you will be presented with 3 of the most iconic fountains, namely the Fountain of the Four Rivers, Fontana del Moro, and the Fountain of Neptune.
  3. Castel Sant’ Angelo
    This cylindrical building is an ancient castle. This historic castle became the final resting place of the Roman Emperor who died in 138 AD. Not only used as a tomb, this building has also been used as a fortress, prison, military barracks, and is now a national museum.
  4. Vertical garden
    When visiting Italy, don’t forget to visit Milan, a city that has become a fashion mecca in the world. But not only because of fashion, Milan also offers natural attractions in the form of artificial vertical gardens. In this park, you will find almost 44,000 types of plants. Even after 2 years of creation, this vertical garden got the title as the largest vertical garden in the world.
  5. Gianicolo Hill
    If you visit Italy, try visiting Gianicolo Hill to enjoy the best view of Rome from the top of the hill. To reach the peak, you will take 1 hour on foot. But don’t worry, your struggle to reach the top will pay off with all the beauty. When you are at the top, you will be presented with the sound of cannon fire that is fired every 12.00.
  6. Basilica
    If you like historical places, Basilicia di Santa Maria Maggiore must be on your list of destinations. This place is visited by many tourists and teenagers who want to do research on the history of the place.
  7. Venice City Bridge
    Venice is a very unique city, because it was built on the water with an area of ​​412 square meters. The main attraction of this city is the magnificent and romantic bridge that surrounds the island. There are hundreds of beautiful bridges in this city, and the 5 most popular are the Ponte degli Scalzi, Ponte Tron, Ponte di Rialto, Ponte Della Liberta, and Ponte Concordia.
  8. Rabbit Beach Lampedusa
    Italy is not only home to many historical buildings, there you also enjoy Rabbit Beach which is famous for its very beautiful charm. This beach, which is located in southwest Sicily, holds the title of the most beautiful beach in the world.
    Well, now you are definitely not confused about which destinations to visit while in Italy. It turns out that Italy has a lot of beautiful history, as evidenced by its iconic buildings and architecture until now.