The Linux operating system is one of the most popular computer operating systems today. Technological developments occur very rapidly and that is why humans can be more practical in carrying out various activities. Computers and their various operating systems are currently influencing human civilization and making communication, business and various aspects of society increasingly developed. Computer operating systems have been developed by many experts and are generally divided into user friendly operating systems and some that can only be used by experts with special abilities.

In order to know a lot about this computer system, you must start by understanding the understanding and history of how the Linux operating system developed. Linux system is a type of computer operating system that is open source and has various types of distributions such as slackware, redhat, centOs, Backtrack. Linux is a computer operating system that is suitable for players who are advanced in technology because to use this Linux system requires certain skills such as understanding system installation, configuration to special applications. Linux is very different from existing computer operating systems which are more user friendly. But, Linux is also growing and Newbie Friendly from the aspect of appearance. The code in Linux can be used, modified and even distributed freely by anyone.

This Linux Operating System also has an official license under the GNU. The advantage is that there is no need to spend money to use this popular computer operating system. Although Linux can be used for free, this Linux operating system is legal and has even been developed by experts so that it has many Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Redhat and so on. Each of these Linux distributions also has a different character with different display details, complexity, usage and purpose of use. Linux Operating System can be used for Programing, Hacking, Web Security, Server or even just to operate daily applications.

Long before it had a big name as it is today, the forerunner of Linux was a Unix system which was further developed by Thompson and Dennis Ritchie starting in 1969. They also invented the C programming language which became the current high-level programming system. Unix systems developed with the C programming language were easier to transfer to various platforms and quickly attracted great attention at the time. At that time, the Unix system had two streams, namely the University of Berkley and the system developed by AT&T. In 1990 GNU had succeeded in making all the components needed to develop an operating system, namely Compilers, Libraries, and User Interface applications, although at that time they had not succeeded in developing the core operating system. In September 1991, Linus uploaded the developed file to the FTP server and a volunteer from FTP thought that the system was not good enough to name the kernel. Therefore he changed his name to Linux without Linus’ approval. In developing the Linux operating system, Linus uses tools from the free Software Foundation and programs that already have a GNU license.
The Linux operating system until now continues to grow and assist players in carrying out various activities. The use of the Linux operating system is also very widespread in various countries because it is legal and has a license so it is quite helpful compared to having to use a paid operating system every year.