Maybe not many people understand about the Linux operating system. Which is predicted to become a popular operating system to compete with windows. Although not as popular as Windows, the Linux operating system has begun to be widely used and developed. Data shows that 96.3% of top servers mostly choose Linux as their operating system.
Many people are starting to switch to the Linux operating system because it is free, open source, and free to develop. The results of the development of Linux are usually called distros, and currently there are thousands of Linux distributions with different purposes for use. Here are some Linux distributions and their advantages:

  1. Mandriva Linux
    This Linux distribution was created in 1998 by Mandriva by utilizing the RPM Packager Manager. If you need an operating system that prioritizes reliability, Mandriva Linux is the perfect choice. The reason is that Mandriva Linux has many advantages, such as GUI-based installation, providing more than 68 languages, providing various software, suitable for office, server, and internet needs.
  2. Slackware Linux
    Patrick Volkerding’s distribution is the oldest Linux operating system. Even so, the stability and ease of design is unquestionable. Using the UNIX approach, making it easy for users to customize, because it is more stable and simple.
  3. Redhat Linux
    Red Hat Inc. was the first company to develop Redhat Linux using the RPM Packager Manager. This distro allows users to convert IP addresses into web domains that can be used as virtual hosts. Ease of installation and simple graphical display, making it easy for users to operate.
  4. Linux Mint
    Linux Mint is based on the Debian and Ubuntu OS, so applications that run on Debian also automatically run on Linux Mint. This distro is integrated with multimedia codecs and is connected to the Java Runtime. Like the previous distributions, Linux Mint also has a simple appearance and can be operated using a USB Flash Drive.
  5. Caldera Linux
    Caldera Linux is an operating system made by System Caldera, which has now changed its name to SCO Group. With a GUI-based system, Caldera can operate optimally in Linux and dual-boot windows. Attractive appearance and features, make users will not be bored while waiting for the installation process to complete.
    Those are some types of distros that exist today, there are many other distributions that have been developed. Because Linux is basically free to use and develop. Then, what are the advantages of Linux? Here are some of the advantages of the Linux operating system:
  6. Safe
    When compared to windows, the Linux operating system is known to be more secure. Because not many people use it and users are not given access rights to admin. That way, the virus will not be easy to attack and even if it manages to attack, the impact will be very minimal.
  7. Hurry up
    If you are a user who uses many applications simultaneously, you should choose Linux as the operating system. Because the installation process, booting, and using applications on the Linux operating system is faster than Windows.
  8. Suitable for developers
    If you are a developer, we recommend using the Linux operating system, because it contains many useful libraries for developing applications. Many developers use the Linux system because the level of security is the best, such as banking, casino online, military, Linux systems are still free from harmful viruses. Although it has many advantages, the Linux operating system has not received much hardware support. As a result, your computer/PC will not automatically be detected by Linux, so it can make the performance of your earphones and mouse not optimal, even not working.