Who is not familiar with Linux? Linux is an operating system that has been used by many people. Starting from the upper class to the lower classes have started to use Linux. Not only for computers or laptops, it turns out that Linux has also been used for cars, CCTV, DVRs, traffic signs and other things. Even Linux has been around since the late 1990s, no wonder this is what drives people to finally enjoy internet life.

What is Linux?
Please note that Linux is an operating system that usually uses the Linux kernel as its core. Even Linux began to be used in applications to other supporting modules.
This is so that Linux can function properly like operating systems in general. Basically this system also has a free nature that is easy to use. In fact, this makes it easier for you to be used to be developed by various parties for free or at no cost at all. Please note, the operating system is a software that can be used as a resource manager. Even this operating system can be used as a communication tool between hardware and applications. For example, some frequently used applications such as Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Corel, Chrome, and even games. Because without an operating system, of course you will not be able to work properly.

Linux History
At that time there was already an operating system called Unix and Dos, now that name has changed to Windows. Then the Linux operating system must be closed and one solution is to buy it. Then suddenly a group of developers came to create a group called GNU. GNU is here as a place to build systems to applications that are already in use. So after all the things are done then the next thing that needs to be made is the kernel. The kernel can be interpreted as the heart and core of each open source operating system. At the end of 1991 there was a student majoring in computer science from the University of Helsinki. Then the student again wrote an operating system that could be useful for the pc.

Linux Functions
Linux is an operating system that has a free and open source license so it is very easy to develop. You can even distribute it for free and without spending a lot of money.
Even since the beginning of its creation, Linux has been used as an internet network infrastructure. In addition, infrastructure can also be used for security, it can also be used for industrial machines. There are lots of devices, ranging from router switches, servers, super computers, industrial machines, IoT, CCTV, drones. In addition, there are also spaceships to various other devices.

As for the various advantages, because Linux is free, powerful, and used by various industries. If in the past Linux was installed on the back, now it has been installed on the end user device or can be called the end user. Now must be familiar, right, with linux? Although not as well-known as Windows, Linux has become one of the operating systems you need. Hopefully this article can be used as one of your inspirations. Hopefully you can get to know more about who Linux really is. How? I understand?