Of course a device such as a smartphone, laptop, computer and other devices can only function because of the operating system. Basically the operating system is a system that is usually used to run the system on a computer. Keep in mind, the operating system basically does vary depending on what device is used. Even though computers or laptops are used to using Windows and Linux operating systems. How? Got it now?

Who is Linux?
Linux is basically an operating system that has been developed directly by Freeware and Open Source. Even Linux was the first operating system that was first developed by Linus Torvalds.
This system also makes it easy for users to make modifications to the code provided. So that Linux can be directly used and distributed to fellow Linux users freely.
There are many types of Linux such as Debian, Redhat, CentOS, Ubuntu and various other types. In addition, Linux is already used to being used by programmers and developers who are experts in their fields.

Linux System Advantages
One of the advantages of the Linux system is that it has a free license so you don’t have to spend any money at all. Then another advantage is that it has minimal crashes because it uses 32-bit code.

Make no mistake the Linux operating system also has a high level of security so it is perfect for those of you who want security to be maintained. In addition, this system also has an attractive appearance, perfect for being an admin, personal or server computer at the same time.

Linux System Types
This type of Linux OS is usually called a Linux distribution, basically this Linux distribution is an operating system developed using Linux. First, there is Debian Linux which was first released in 1999 ago.

Usually this first type of Linux system has a high program stability. In fact, almost all devices can certainly be used so that it will not be a problem. In addition, Linux also has a sophisticated APT-based maintenance. If you want to replace the old kernel with a new kernel, you can just reboot. Second, there is Redhat Linux which was started to be developed by a company called Red Hat Inc. Even Redhat Linux is the first operating system to use the RPM Package Manager system.

Don’t get me wrong, this OS has also been designed to the maximum, so you will have no difficulty in using it. In addition, with an attractive design of course this can make it easy for users to download it. Then another advantage you can change the ip address into a domain that is on the web. Usually the domain can be used as a virtual host. While the domain is easier to remember than having to use a no ip address. Then there is the third type, CentOS Linux, which was first successfully published in 2004. And it stands for Community Enterprise Operating System. In fact, CentOS is the largest and most popular operating system.

Now you must be familiar, right, with Linux? Linux is indeed famous as one of the operating systems that get a lot of convenience. One of them is using Linux, of course you will not have any problems at all. How? Got it now? Hopefully this article about linux can provide a better understanding than before.