The Linux operating system is a legal computer operating system that has been widely used because it is easy, free and has many distributions. Those who want to use this operating system can have one of the Linux distributions by looking at the appearance, complexity and purpose of using this operating system. Linux operating distros include Slackware, Redhat, CentOs, Backtrack and others. Linux is an open source operating system and quite Newbie Friendly although it takes special skills to use this Linux operating system. Linux distributions can be used for programming, hacking, web security, servers or just to operate everyday applications.
The Linux operating system has many advantages that can be taken into consideration why you should use or not use this operating system on your computer. The following are 6 advantages of the Linux operating system that you should know:

  1. Free. Linux was one of the first free-to-use computer operating systems where most Windows operating systems today are paid. Linux is certainly much more affordable compared to other Windows operations that have to pay millions. Because it’s free, Linux is perfect for those of you who don’t want to spend money on an operating system. Even though it’s free, when using Linux you will be free from pirated software, software cracks, patches, and so on. You can also modify the Linux OS as you wish or need.
  2. Security is more optimal. Linux has limited access rights or in other words, to have a loophole into this computer operating system is very limited. It’s rare for nosy people to create viruses on Linux operations. This security system makes Linux far superior to other Windows operating systems that have rudimentary security systems.
  3. Has a lightweight performance and minimal specifications. You may find it difficult to find an operating system that can work lightly like Linux, let alone Linux can also be run with a minimal system. You can install Linux with specifications of only 10 GB and 521 Harddisk. This of course will not burden the computer you use.
  4. Has many Pentest Security Tools. Linux OS has always been designed to test security and its advantages are that there are many free tools from this operating system. Tools are either built-in or must be downloaded on the Linux distro developer site. Because of this security system, many hackers choose to use Linux.
  5. Easy to install drivers. Another advantage of this Linux is that you do not need to install drivers when installing this Linux application. The reason is because many Linus are compatible with all types of processors, especially computers and laptops.
  6. Have many variants of Linux distributions. Most of these Linux distributions are free and have different characteristics. Developers have developed distro variants of Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint to Kali Linux. Details of the appearance, complexity, to your purpose of using this Linux distro can be taken into consideration. What is certain is that this Linux distribution can be used for programming, hacking, web security, servers or just to operate daily applications.
    Consider all the advantages of the Linux operating system mentioned above. You will find convincing reasons why you need to use the Linux operating system instead of using other operating systems. Moreover, Linux is a legal Windows operating system but can be used for free.